All presentations take place on September 4, 2024 in The Forum at the The Ronald O. Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics

830–9AM: Breakfast

9–1030AM: Session 1: Tools

1030–1045AM: Break

1045–1215PM: Session 2: Experiments

  • Paper 2A: Lisa Argyle AI-Powered Persuasion: An LLM-enabled Comparison of Persuasive Strategies
  • Paper 2B: Yamil Velez Retrieval-Augmented Representation: Assessing the Second Face of Power
  • Paper 2C: Jason Anastasopoulos Using Audit Experiments to Learn About Cognitive Biases in Large Language Models
  • Discussant 2A: Christopher Barrie
  • Discussant 2B: Ju Yeon Park

1215–115PM: Lunch

115–245PM: Session 3: Accountability

  • Paper 3A: Yuehong Cassandra Tai The Digitally Accountable Public Representation Database: Measuring Politicians Online Communication
  • Paper 3B: Ju Yeon Park From Reddit to Congressional Hearings: A Study of Representation Using an Argument Extraction Method
  • Paper 3C: Aseem Mahajan Unveiling the Advertising Tactics of Oil Giants and Interest Groups in Social Media
  • Discussant 3A: Brandon Stewart
  • Discussant 3B: Lisa Argyle

245–315PM: Break

315–445PM: Session 4: Authorities and Authoritarianism