Arthur Spirling





Data and Code

Data and code (R ) for my papers will appear here in due course. I also post specific replication materials (typically in response to requests) on my github, here. This includes the Eggers and Spirling Database on British Political Development, here.

Replication data and code for The Shadow Cabinet in Westminster Systems (BJPS) is available here

Replication data (and 'main' model code) for Democratization and Linguistic Complexity (JOP) is available here

Replication code for Estimating the Severity of the Wikileaks United States Diplomatic Cables Disclosure (PA) is available here

Replication data for Modeling `Effectiveness' in International Relations (JCR) is available here

The data (and 'main' model code) for Ministerial Responsiveness in Westminster Systems (AJPS) is available here

The treaties (and manifests) for US Treaty-making with American Indians (AJPS) are divided into 4 groups as per the paper describes. That is, Valid and Operable (VCUT), ratified agreements (ACUT), rejected (RCUT), unratified (UCUT). A description of this data is found in UniverseCases.csv

The relevant data for the Indian Wars (as per Section 5.1) is found in IndianWars.csv The entire collection is on Dataverse: see here